Rex Wikel, Captain

Investigator Rex Wikel was born and raised here in Osage County. Investigator Wikel’s family has lived in Osage County, mainly in or around Pawhuska, for at least four generations. Investigator Wikel still lives in Osage County (Pawhuska) with his wife and two children.

Investigator Wikel began his career in Law Enforcement in February 2008 in the Osage County Jail. In July of 2010, then Osage County Sheriff Ty Koch commissioned Investigator Wikel, as Deputy for the jail. In November of 2010, Deputy Wikel attended the basic CLEET academy in Ada, OK graduating on February 26, 2011. After graduating CLEET, Sheriff Koch promoted Deputy Wikel to a Field Deputy position. Investigator Wikel served the Osage County Sheriff’s Office until 2014.

In October of 2014, Investigator Wikel accepted a position with the Pawhuska Police Department as Patrol Officer. During his time with the City of Pawhuska, Deputy Wikel performed the duties of Patrolman, Patrol Supervisor, and Interim Chief of Police. Investigator Wikel served with the City of Pawhuska until 2019.

In January 2020, Investigator Wikel accepted a Patrol Deputy position from Osage County Sheriff Eddie Virden. In January 2021, Investigator Wikel was promoted by Sheriff Virden to the Investigations Division, receiving the rank of Sergeant. In June of 2021, Sheriff Virden promoted Investigator Wikel to the rank of Lieutenant.  In October 2022, Sheriff Virden promoted Investigator Wikel to Captain and gave him command of the investigation’s unit.

Deputy Wikel holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from the Central Christian College of Kansas. Deputy Wikel has an Advanced CLEET certification in the State of Oklahoma. Deputy Wikel has over 1000 hours of Law Enforcement Education.