Serving and Protecting
Osage County, Oklahoma


  • OCSO Sheriff’s Auction: Vehicles & Tools

    OCSO Sheriff’s Auction: Vehicles & Tools

    🚨ANNOUNCEMENT🚨 🤝 The Osage County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) is thrilled to announce a fresh collaboration with South 99 Equipment Sales, the go-to online auction platform, for the sale of a significant portion of our surplus vehicles and tools. 🚓✨ 👀 For a sneak peek at the vehicles, auto accessories, and tools up for grabs, and…

  • OCSO Budget vs. Inflation

    OCSO Budget vs. Inflation

    The Osage County Sheriff’s Office has been operating very lean, especially when considering the effects of inflation. When comparing the budget spending power between fiscal year 2013-2014 and fiscal year 2022-2023, and adjusting for an estimated annual inflation rate of 2%, the figures show a significant decrease in spending power. In 2013-2014, the spending power…

  • 🚨 Understanding NARCAN (Naloxone) 🚨

    🚨 Understanding NARCAN (Naloxone) 🚨

    On February 5th, 2024, Deputy Derek Lanphear responded to a concerning situation near the Bartlesville landfill. Upon arrival, he found an individual, later identified as Cierra Johnson, unresponsive in a ditch along the side of Highway 123. Thanks to the quick thinking of a passerby who called 911 and the prompt response of Deputy Lanphear,…

Oklahoma’s Largest County

At the Osage County Sheriff’s Office, our mission is to be the foundation on which everyone in Osage County may thrive, by strengthening public trust and ensuring safe, secure environments through quality, professional law enforcement.

Osage County is the largest county by area in the state of Oklahoma. Created in 1907 when Oklahoma was admitted as a state, the county is named for and is home to the federally recognized Osage Nation. The county is coextensive with the Osage Nation Reservation, established by treaty in the 19th century when the Osage relocated there from Kansas. The county seat is in Pawhuska, one of the first three towns established in the county. The total population of the county as of 2020 was 45,818.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 2,304 square miles (5,970 km2), of which 2,246 square miles (5,820 km2) is land and 58 square miles (150 km2) (2.5%) is water. Most of the county is in the Osage Plains, and consists of open prairie. The eastern part of the county contains the Osage Hills, an extension of the Flint Hills in Kansas. Tallgrass Prairie Preserve is north of Pawhuska.