Courthouse Security

Pawhuska, Oklahoma is the seed of Osage County and in turn is where the County Courthouse is located. The Courthouse sits on top of a hill that looks over the small town.

Osage County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for providing security staff for the Courthouse. Among the staff are certified deputies that are trained in courtroom proceedings and various other operations that involve the courthouse on a daily basis. Osage County Courthouse is a home office to several elected officials that include Three Judges, Court Clerk, County Clerk, and the County Assessor. Courthouse Security try’s hard to make it as safe as possible for not only the elected officials and their employees but to the public that visit the Courthouse day to day.

The Courthouse was established in 1912 but since its development its acquired some of the latest technology with inside and outside cameras and with the latest in entry scanning equipment to date.

Courthouse Security is also responsible for the security of the Osage County Treasurers Office that sits just to the north of the courthouse.

Lieutenant Matt Clark

Clark was born and raised in Bartlesville, Okla with in Washington County but has called Osage County his home over a decade.

He came to the Sheriff’s Office in 2006 as a detention officer and quickly moved up the ranks to become a CLEET certified deputy in the early year of 2008. Clark served as a field deputy with Osage County for a number of years until he was asked to be a Chief for a local Police Department. Clark had left the county to serve the citizens of a local community as their police chief but returned to the Sheriff’s Office in 2017.

Clark was assigned to the courthouse division in 2017 and was promoted to Lieutenant over courthouse operations by Sheriff Eddie Virden in 2020. Clark also over sees security for the Osage County Treasury Department and is involved with many other operations with in the district of Osage County that include Osage County Anna McBride Mental Health Program and other specialty courts with in the Osage County Judicial Court System. He is also an active member of Osage County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Team and holds the role as a Sniper/Sniper Supervisor and Instructor.

Lt Clark has undergone hundreds of hours of training that range from Basic Instructor Schools, Supervising with a Purpose, Courthouse Security Programs, Sniper Basic and Advance Schools and many more.

Lt Clark states that he loves coming to work everyday and interacting with the citizens of the county weather it be in a courtroom setting or just talking about the history of the old courthouse building. He looks forward to serving and protecting the citizens, employees, and elected officials of Osage County Courthouse for years to come.