Progress & Improvements

First on the list is Body Cameras. After securing funding with a grant, all field Deputies and investigators are now issued body cameras that will assist in the collection of evidence while on crime scenes. The funding also provided an evidence control center and docking stations for the camera system.

Also with the aid of a grant the Sheriff has added 3 more Drones to our fleet of drones. The new drones are fixed with 4k cameras as well as Infrared cameras. These drones will assist Deputies in mapping out crime scenes, surveillance missions and searching for individuals both during daylight and dark hours. The new drones have already been used to assist to locate lost children and provide overhead surveillance during high risk calls for service.

  • Provides assistance in capturing “Prison Drop” suspects in and around Dick Conner Correctional Facility.

The Osage County Jail has undergone significant improvements under Sheriff Eddie Virden’s leadership, including the upgrade of the outdated camera system and the overall improvement of the air conditioning system throughout the facility. Additionally, the appointment of Jail Director Darrell Jordan, a retired OHP Trooper, has contributed to the positive transformation of the jail operations.

  • Many additional training hours have been added to the jail.
  • Inmate Roadside Trash Crew
  • New A/C in the Jail
  • New Sewer System (also a new “Grinder”)
  • Full Body Scanner
  • New Inmate Property and Records System
  • New Jail Camera System
  • New Jail Food Vendor
  • New Medical Provider
  • New Door Locks and Control Panel
  • New Video Visitation System
  • Tablets for Inmate Mail Call

The Osage County Special Operations Team (SOT) has undergone a comprehensive upgrade through Sheriff Eddie Virden’s initiative. The team has procured advanced equipment to ensure the safety of deputies during high-risk operations. Additionally, specialized entry equipment has been obtained and deployed for the team’s use. To enhance their capabilities, the SOT team dedicates 16 hours per month to rigorous training in areas such as active shooter response, hostage rescue, tactical tracking, and various other specialized skills. This extensive training has already proven valuable, as the SOT team has been deployed multiple times to assist in high-risk situations, including high-risk search warrants, armed subject calls, and Search and Rescue (SAR) missions. Furthermore, Sheriff Virden envisions the expansion of the team to include search and rescue personnel and is actively seeking grants to secure the necessary equipment and training for this expansion. Additionally, the SOT team is available to assist any department in the area upon request, and other departments are encouraged to partake in their training sessions.

Thanks to a grant received in recent years, Sheriff Eddie Virden has successfully replaced the outdated and obsolete Laptop Computers issued to the vehicles driven by deputies. Equipping the vehicles with laptops enables deputies to work on reports without having to return to the office. This not only expedites the report-writing process, allowing for quick issuance to investigators, but also enables deputies to remain in their respective areas and respond to calls more efficiently.

Under Sheriff Eddie Virden’s recent approval, deputies have been authorized to utilize Pepperball Equipment, a non-lethal tool that enhances their capabilities. With an effective range of 150 feet, pepperballs provide deputies with extended reach and additional time to make critical decisions, thereby paving the way for safer and more effective outcomes. Notably, pepperball stands as the only non-lethal option with a track record of over 20 years of use without any reported deaths or serious injuries, further underscoring its safety and effectiveness.

Sheriff Virden has also made strides in improving handling Mental Health calls. This includes sending several Deputies to be trained through the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) program. The Crisis Intervention Team program is a community effort partnering both police officers and the community together for common goals of safety, understanding and service to individuals with mental illness and their families. The professional provider community has recognized the need and efficacy of the CIT program and has partnered with law enforcement in providing the most effective training material possible. The training program consists of several classes taught by a variety of instructors including a Psychiatrist, a Substance Abuse Specialist, Social Workers, Police Officers and representatives from NAMI. Panel discussions with service providers from the Community Mental Health Centers are also included. This training prepares officers to safely de-escalate a crisis, determine the need for emergency treatment and get the consumer to professional treatment as quickly as possible. Some of the benefits of the CIT program include crisis response is immediate, decrease in arrests and use of force, under-served consumers are identified by officers and provided with care, Deputies are better trained and educated in verbal de-escalation techniques, Deputies’ injuries during crisis events decline and less “victimless” crime arrests. The Sheriff was so impressed with this training he allowed one of the deputies attending the training to continue the training to the instructor level.

To further enhance the CIT training the Sheriff also allowed Deputies to be trained as de-escalation instructors. De-escalation training teaches officers to slow down, create space, and use communication techniques to defuse a potentially dangerous situation. De-escalation training provides officers with strategies to calmly deal with people who are experiencing mental and emotional crises. With in house trainers the Sheriff’s Office can provide this training on a continuing basis to all of the Deputies as well as area Departments.

Sheriff Eddie Virden has effectively leveraged government grants, particularly through participation in Federal Highway Safety Grants that facilitate speed enforcement and DUI enforcement initiatives.

Sheriff Eddie Virden implemented an innovative Lease-Buy program to acquire a new fleet of Patrol Vehicles for OCSO without imposing a strain on the County Budget. This initiative resulted in the addition of 18 new vehicles in 2023, with the old vehicles being sold through an online auction. Additionally, the patrol car decal and paint package underwent an update to provide the vehicles with a more uniform and contemporary appearance.

Under the leadership of Sheriff Eddie Virden, OCSO has expanded its School Resource Officer Program from one deputy to three deputies, thereby enhancing coverage across the Osage County School Districts.

  • Information about active shooter training to local schools
  • Teacher and Student Safety Education
  • Extra Patrol during the summer months

Sheriff Eddie Virden has introduced New Software Programs aimed at enhancing the safety of citizens and deputies. For instance, Geosafe provides real-time GPS data to patrol deputies and dispatchers, ensuring their safety while in the field. In addition, Active Alert serves to integrate other first responders, including ambulance services and various rural fire departments across the county, contributing to a more coordinated and efficient emergency response system.

Under the guidance of Sheriff Eddie Virden, the OCSO Facebook page and OCSO Website ( have undergone a comprehensive overhaul. Notably, citizens now have the ability to discreetly submit crime tips, while the Sheriff’s Office can keep the public informed about developing situations and provide educational resources through these platforms.

  • Warrant Search
  • Inmate Search
  • Sex Offender Search

Sheriff Eddie Virden had 17 Flock Cameras installed around the county (Two of these cameras are mobile). These cameras provide advanced analytics for enhancing public safety, real-time monitoring, and the ability to track and respond to incidents more effectively. Compared to turnpike or toll booth cameras, Flock cameras are less invasive as they are strategically positioned in public areas within communities, rather than on major thoroughfares. This allows for enhanced surveillance without encroaching on individuals’ privacy in their daily activities. Additionally, Flock’s advanced analytics and real-time monitoring capabilities aid law enforcement in apprehending car thieves by providing detailed and timely footage of suspicious activities, enabling swift and effective responses to potential criminal incidents.

  • These Cameras helped solve a Homicide
  • Multiple stolen vehicles recovered

Sheriff Virden has followed the lead of other Law Enforcement Agencies by partnering with Ring Doorbell for Community-Based policing solutions. The Ring Doorbell Neighborhood App is a community-based crime prevention tool that allows users to share and view local crime and safety information. It enables residents to post and view real-time updates about suspicious activities, incidents, or safety concerns in their neighborhoods. 

OCSO can use the app as a way to communicate with residents about local crime trends and safety tips. Additionally, they can request video footage from Ring doorbell cameras to aid in their investigations. This can help law enforcement to quickly gather evidence and potentially identify suspects in criminal cases. 

Sheriff Eddie Virden introduced an unprecedented Wellness Program at OCSO, which focuses on promoting healthy lifestyles and providing deputies with the opportunity to utilize the Osage Nation Fitness Centers conveniently located in three different locations across the county: Pawhuska, Hominy, and Fairfax.

The Osage County Health Department has embraced the OCSO initiative and commenced an exploration of the possibilities associated with implementing a county-wide wellness program, building on the foundation laid by Sheriff Eddie Virden’s innovative initiative.

Under the leadership of Sheriff Virden the Osage County Sheriff’s Office proudly takes part in the Pink Patch Project, alongside over 756 First Responder Agencies. Throughout October, our deputies wear pink patches on their uniforms to raise Breast Cancer Awareness.

Check out the Pink Patch Project website for more information:

Sheriff Virden has partnered with the ICAC Task Force which was established in response to the growing use of the internet and technology by children and the increased targeting of minors. With a focus on proactive and reactive investigations, forensic examinations, and criminal prosecutions, the Task Force assists state and local agencies in developing sustainable responses to online child victimization, including addressing the proliferation of child sexual abuse images and thwarting predators seeking unsupervised contact with potential underage victims. By dedicating staff to the OSBI ICAC Taskforce, our organization has contributed to the successful conviction of offenders and the exoneration of others. Furthermore, our team’s availability to educate communities on internet safety demonstrates a commitment to preventing technology-facilitated crimes against children.

Through the collaboration and efforts of the ICAC Task Force, OCSO has increased its capacity to combat online crimes against children, ultimately working toward creating a safer digital environment for young individuals.

EMD, or Emergency Medical Dispatch, is a program designed to provide pre-arrival instructions for various medical calls. Dispatchers utilize this system to gather a chief complaint from the caller, whether they are the patient or not, and ask specific questions related to the complaint. These calls range from minor incidents like a stubbed toe to more serious situations such as a person having a heart attack or being injured by a gunshot. The instructions guide the dispatcher on what questions to ask and what guidance to provide to the caller while the ambulance is en route. This program can include instructions on how to guide a caller in performing CPR, applying a tourniquet, managing a sucking wound, and handling a person experiencing a seizure. Additionally, the standardized nature of this process helps to streamline the handling of medical calls. Dispatchers receive 32 hours of training, inclusive of written and practical exams, to become certified in providing these instructions and are required to obtain 12 hours of CDEs annually to maintain their certification. These scripted protocols are customized and approved by medical directors of the ambulance companies for which the dispatchers work.

Osage County Sheriff’s Office is now implementing OffenderWatch and this demonstrates their commitment to enhancing community safety. By utilizing this technology, Sheriff Eddie Virden and his team can efficiently monitor and manage the activities of registered sex offenders, providing a higher level of vigilance and protection for the citizens of Osage County. This proactive approach not only empowers law enforcement, but also offers citizens crucial access to information, enabling them to make more informed decisions for the safety and well-being of their families and community.