Network Outage Plan

During times of crisis with disrupted communication networks, your neighborhood Fire Station serves as the primary hub for emergency assistance and support. By partnering with nearly all Osage County Fire Districts, OCSO has designated Fire Stations as essential response centers. Here, Emergency Services can efficiently assess and provide the necessary aid. Strategically located throughout Osage County, Fire Stations offer vital resources, trained personnel, and a familiar setting for residents in need.

OCSO Deputies will be available to respond to Fire Stations to assess the well-being of each Fire District during communication network outages. It is essential to remember not to travel if it is unsafe to do so. By promoting Fire Stations as central points for emergency assistance, we strive to ensure a quick and effective response, enhancing coordination and support in challenging times. In the event of disrupted communication channels, your neighborhood Fire Station is ready to assess your needs and provide the required response. Stay safe and informed by knowing where to seek help during crises.