Gary Upton, Undersheriff

Gary Upton served 31 years in the Tulsa Police Department before joining the Osage County Sheriff’s Office. Throughout his career, he had a passion for patrol and spent most of his time in various patrol roles at the Gilcrease Division, which included a small area in Osage County. He was also involved in training new recruits at the Police Academy and out in the field as a training officer. In addition, he is a military veteran who served both active and reserve duty, concurrently serving as an Army Drill Sergeant during his time as a police officer.

Gary’s diverse experience also includes writing Policy and Procedure for the Department for two years before returning to patrol at the Gilcrease Division. He even spent a year in Baghdad, helping the Army train the Iraqi Police in modern democratic law enforcement techniques. Later, he held positions in project and technology management, as well as being a purchasing agent. During his time at Police Headquarters, he was also a member of the Department’s Fitness Unit, which had the responsibility of maintaining a positive fitness culture amongst the ranks.

Undersheriff Gary Upton is the second-in-command at OCSO and manages the day-to-day operations of the office in the absence of the Sheriff. He oversees the Sheriff’s Office budget and ensures that resources are allocated properly. Additional duties include:

  • Developing and implementing policies and procedures
  • Assisting with strategic planning and organizational development.
  • Representing the Sheriff’s Office to the public, stakeholders, elected officials, legislative bodies and other law enforcement agencies.
  • Serving as a liaison to community groups and organizations.
  • Responding to Emergencies and managing critical incidents.
  • Supervising the maintenance of departmental vehicles, equipment, buildings, and facilities.
  • Conducting internal investigations and reviewing complaints against deputies or other agency personnel.
  • Ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

Our Undersheriff plays a critical role in the functioning of a Sheriff’s Office and takes his job seriously in furthering the safety and security of the citizens in Osage County.