Osage County Upgrades Patrol Fleet

We are pleased to inform you that our agency has successfully upgraded its patrol vehicle fleet. Through a three-year lease program, we have acquired 18 new, fully equipped SUVs, each adorned with a fresh decal package.

We understand that concerns have been raised by certain members of the community regarding the acquisition of these vehicles all at once. However, it is important to clarify that this decision was made with fiscal responsibility in mind. The combination of the lease program and the sale of our previous patrol vehicles has enabled us to maintain our budget levels at those of 2022. Rest assured, there has been no increase in the 2023 budget due to this lease agreement for the 18 new SUVs.

Opting for a three-year lease program allows us to regularly update our fleet, demonstrating responsible financial management instead of purchasing vehicles outright. This approach ensures that our officers have access to modern and dependable equipment, essential for effectively serving and protecting our community.

Without taking action, critics would have also emerged, criticizing our aging fleet and the perceived lack of progress in the Sheriff’s Office. We strive to strike a balance between prudent spending and providing the highest value to the residents of Osage County, all while keeping our budget within reasonable limits.

Your safety and the efficient operation of our office are always our top priorities. We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support as we aim to maintain a modern and capable law enforcement fleet.

Regarding the choice of Ford Explorer Police Package vehicles, it is important to note that this decision was not made haphazardly. Our selection was based on the current offerings by national car manufacturers for law enforcement vehicles, while also considering factors such as resale value, maintenance costs, and fuel efficiency. It’s also important to note that we also saved on costs by utilizing serviceable equipment from the old fleet (Shotgun Racks, Computer Mounts, Radars, etc). This saved us 7k per vehicle for a total cost savings of $126k.

At the end of the three-year period, the fleet will be sold, and the Sheriff’s Office will enter into a new lease agreement for another three-year term.

The future sale of each three year old vehicle (with roughly 100k miles) brings money back to the Osage County budget and also provides smaller agencies with a serviceable vehicle to Serve and Protect their own communities.