Osage County Sheriff’s Office Conducts Search at Former Home of Dennis Rader, AKA BTK, in Park City, Kansas


Osage County Sheriff’s Office Conducts Search at Former Home of Dennis Rader, AKA BTK, in Park City, Kansas

[Pawhuska, Oklahoma – 08/23/2023]

The Osage County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) recently conducted a search at the former residence of Dennis Rader, also known as the BTK Killer, in Park City, Kansas, under the guidance of Sheriff Eddie Virden. The operation aimed to collect items of evidentiary value based on specific leads that the OCSO had received.

On Tuesday, August 23, 2023, Sheriff Eddie Virden led a team of investigators from the OCSO to Park City, a suburb of Wichita, in collaboration with the Park City Police Department. The primary focus of the search is closely tied to the Cynthia Dawn Kinney missing persons case from Pawhuska, Oklahoma, dating back to 1976.

This ongoing investigation has uncovered potential connections to other missing persons cases and unsolved murders in the Kansas and Missouri areas, which are possibly linked to Dennis Rader. The Osage County Sheriff’s Office has been working alongside the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI), sharing crucial information and collaborating on this case.

During the search, items of interest were recovered at the former residence of Dennis Rader. These items will undergo thorough examination to determine their potential relevance to the ongoing investigations. At this stage, Dennis Rader is considered a prime suspect in these unsolved cases, including the Cynthia Dawn Kinney case from Pawhuska.

The investigation remains ongoing, with the Osage County Sheriff’s Office committed to pursuing every lead uncovered. Sheriff Eddie Virden and his dedicated team will continue their determined efforts to bring closure to these cases and provide answers to the families seeking justice.

For further information or any updates regarding this investigation, please contact:

Gary Upton, Undersheriff 

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