OCSO Dispatch Center Upgrades

We’re delighted to announce the completion of upgrades on all 3 consoles at our Osage County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center, with a fourth console now live and operational. These enhancements include state-of-the-art equipment and improved ergonomic features to provide our dispatchers with a comfortable and efficient workspace. The new workstations boast climate control, custom lighting options, and adjustable desks for a healthier working environment. Swipe to see the transformation from the old setup to our enhanced dispatch center with four consoles now up and running!

Our project leader explains the journey:
“In mid-January 2024, we embarked on a challenging project to modernize our Dispatch area, which was clearly outdated. I developed a strategy to temporarily relocate our 24/7 dispatch operations, ensuring uninterrupted service while completely overhauling the original space. This involved rerouting all communications to an alternate site within the Sheriff’s Office.
Once the dispatchers were successfully moved and operational in the temporary location, I proceeded to equip the original dispatch center with modern technology and furniture. I removed hundreds of pounds of old copper wire, replacing it with high-speed copper and fiber optics. We acquired state-of-the-art dispatch furnishings from industry leader Xybix, replaced the flooring with a conductive system to prevent static damage, and upgraded the ceiling and grounding systems.
By mid-February, Xybix engineers had installed four new workstations. After confirming full functionality, I moved operations back to the newly renovated space, achieving full operational status by February’s end. The upgraded space is now equipped for Next-Generation 911 (NG911) and includes an additional workstation for future expansion, enhancing comfort and focus for our critical service operators.
I am immensely proud of our team’s efforts and the improvements made, positioning us well for future challenges.”
—Gil D.
Information Technology Manager

“The update of our 911 dispatch center, initiated well before January’s relocation, has been years in the making. My ongoing aim has been to improve the tools and environment for our dispatchers, introducing new, specialized furniture and advanced software to help them excel in their roles. The old furniture, donated over a decade ago, was replaced to meet the changing demands of our field. On January 17th, we moved the dispatchers and spent the next month revamping the room entirely, enhancing functionality and increasing work stations from three to four. I’m very pleased with the outcome, and the dispatchers’ positive reactions confirm the success of these upgrades.”
—Tiffany B.
Dispatch Director

“I am very excited that dispatch has been upgraded! I am truly grateful for all the time, hard work, and dedication put into enhancing the center for us. We now have personal fans and heaters built into the desks, eliminating any arguments over the center’s temperature! The desks also raise, so we don’t have to sit for 12 hours. We can now stand and do our jobs if we choose, which I feel is very beneficial for us. Additionally, the desks have their own personal lights, enabling those who prefer the lights on to switch them on, while those who don’t can keep them off. I am very appreciative of the new center and all the benefits that come with it!”
—Jordan A.

“We are super excited about our upgraded dispatch center and are all extremely grateful for the hard work, time, and money invested in it. Having desks that allow us to stand and stretch our legs, as well as the ability to adjust personal heaters and fans, is a major help to us, especially since some of us are hot-natured and others are cold-natured. The fun technology, fresh paint, and new desks have definitely lifted spirits and made it a much brighter place to be. Once again, we are all extremely grateful and appreciate it very much.”
—Marsha G.

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