Wes Penland

Posted on: April 9th, 2005   Categories: Memorium

Sheriff Wesley Edward Penland


On behalf of the Penland Family and the Osage County Sheriff’s Office, we regretfully announce the death of Sheriff Wes Penland.

Sheriff Penland passed away at his home early Saturday, April 9, 2005. Services were be held at the First Baptist Church, 302 E 6th in Pawhuska at 10 A.M. on Tuesday, April 12th.

Sheriff Wes Penland began his law enforcement career in 1989 under Sheriff George Waymon.

Sheriff Penland served under three Sheriffs and was appointed Sheriff in October 2004 when Sheriff Russell Cottle retired. He was then elected Sheriff in November 2004.
During his career, he served in every position of the Sheriff’s Office. He had professional training in the areas of death investigations, advanced bloodstain pattern analysis, internal affairs, advanced homicide investigations, sheriff’s office management, interview, and interrogation techniques, arson investigations, gang investigations, search and seizure, and many others.

Sheriff Penland received many commendations from other law enforcement agencies and private citizens. He held special commissions from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, the Kay County Sheriff’s Office, the United States Marshal’s Service, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

While serving in law enforcement he was a member of a number of various organizations including the Oklahoma Sheriff’s and Peace Officer’s Association, the Oklahoma Sheriff’s Association, the Law Enforcement Demographer’s Association, and the Oklahoma Gang Investigator’s Association.

As Sheriff of Osage County, Sheriff Penland’s goal was teamwork and cooperation. This included working with all area law enforcement agencies, schools, rural fire departments, EMTs, DHS, etc., to provide a safe jail, to provide employees with a feeling of job security, to work with budget guidelines, to treat all citizens in a fair and equitable manner, and operate an office that represents and answers to the citizens of Osage County.

Wes Penland became an Osage County resident in 1983 and is survived by his wife Nancy, two daughters and seven grandchildren.