Dennis Rader (BTK) Journal Entry: “PJ-Bad Wash Day”


Dennis Rader (BTK) Journal Entry: “PJ-Bad Wash Day”

Osage County, Oklahoma (08/24/2023) – The Osage County Sheriff’s Office continues in its efforts to make progress in the decades-old Cynthia Dawn Kinney Missing Persons Case from 1976. Sheriff Eddie Virden, leading the investigation, has released information from Dennis Rader’s  journal entry referencing his “Projects” (His word for victims) in 1976:

The attached image reveals an excerpt from Dennis Rader’s journal which gives details on his whereabouts in1976. This journal entry alludes to a significant event marked as “PJ-Bad Wash Day” during a period in which Rader acknowledged being outside the Wichita area. (PJ is his abbreviation of the word “Project”.) “C-9” makes reference to Chapter 9 in his unpublished book manuscript that intended to give details on all the murders he actually committed.

The second picture exhibits the original “Missing Poster” of Cynthia Dawn Kinney for historical perspective.

Sheriff Eddie Virden and his dedicated team remain committed to bringing closure to the Cynthia Dawn Kinney Missing Persons Case. 

Updates on the ongoing investigation will be provided as soon as new information becomes available.

Media Contact: 
Gary Upton, Undersheriff

About the Osage County Sheriff’s Office: The Osage County Sheriff’s Office, led by Sheriff Eddie Virden, is dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of the residents of Osage County, Oklahoma. The office diligently works towards resolving cases and providing justice to victims and their families.

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