Investigator John Cusick

John CJohn Cusick was born in Ponca City Oklahoma in 1951. He Began his law enforcement career in 1971 with Guthrie, Oklahoma Police Department. He went to the US Army in 1973 and was honorable discharged in 1983.

John worked with Blackwell, Oklahoma Police Department from 1983 to 1986. He worked with Fairfax, Oklahoma Police Department from 1996 to 1999. John started working for Osage County Sheriff’s Office in 1999 as a Patrol Deputy. From his position as Patrol Deputy John has moved forward and served as Patrol Sergeant, Patrol Lieutenant and is currently employed as a Criminal Investigator with Osage County.

John’s Training highlights include: Oklahoma Criminal Investigations Academy, Reid Interview and Interrogations, Blood Pattern Analysis, Digital Photography, Finger Print and Counterfeit / Forgery Recognition. John is a CLEET Certified Instructor and SFST Instructor.