Jail Administrator

Captain Otis Hughs

Captain Otis Hughs

Otis began his career in law enforcement at the Hominy Police Department as a Jailer/Dispatcher before leaving to work for Sheriff Russell Cottle in December 1996. Otis worked in the jail and held the positions of Jailer, Shift Supervisor and Transport Supervisor. Otis completed his basic Law Enforcement Academy in September of 2000. Otis was appointed by Sheriff Wes Penland as Assistant Jail Administrator. In 2002 Otis finished Training for Trainers with the Department of Corrections and became a C.L.E.E.T. certified instructor.

In June of 2006 Otis left the Sheriff’s Office and held a position with the Town of Wynona as their Police Chief. The Osage Nation Gaming Commission offered Otis a position as a Compliance Officer and he began his new gaming career with the Osage Nation.

After two years working for the Osage Nation and holding the position of Lead Compliance Officer, Otis was offered the position of Jail Administrator by Sheriff Ty Koch.

Otis has worked in the public and private sectors and has been instrumental in developing training programs as well as sitting on policy and procedures boards for various departments and organizations.

“Continued training and development is the key to any organization whether it is in public or private institutions. With the never ending changes in law and training practices, it is crucial to stay ahead of the curve and give your staff the opportunity to develop with those changes.” I look forward to the opportunity and hope that I can make a difference and contribute in a way that the Osage County citizens can be proud of.”

You may email Captain Hughs at: ohughs@ocso.net